I’m so fed up with petty high school drama and petty high school girls who hide behind their technology and talk behind backs and don’t stand up for anyone or anything. They exist to tear down other people to make themselves feel better. They’d rather gossip about who did what and what who said to who than talk about anything meaningful. It’s all about image. They try to make others look worse so they can make themselves look better in comparison. Anything to distract them from the shit fest that is their own lives. They can’t be seen as vulnerable or weak, or else the other girls will turn on them the same way they’ve done to countless others. Maybe some of them will realize what bitches they’re being and grow up to be less horrible. Most, however, will probably grow up to be gossipy, judgmental housewives who are entirely unsatisfied with their lives. What happened to genuity and being understanding of others? Try thinking of others’ feelings before your ego. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and walk a mile. That’s the only way we’re going to get anywhere with this world.

Sorry, rant over.


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